07 March 2012

SimCity - Welcome Back

SimCity is making it's return. And not the SimCity Societies kind of return. No no no. It's supposed to be a good one.

From what is know this is what you can expect:
  • 3D
  • Online components (multiplayer)
  • Decisions and detail will have a greater impact on the game, like affecting neighboring cities
  • Customizable buildings
  • Curvy Roads!!!

It will be PC only because, honestly, how can you play this on consoles? Master race and all.

Only problem? Origin.... guess I'll have to install the damn thing.

Since the release is pointing to a 2013 release, more details and a gameplay trailer will probably make their way to us soon.

For now, enjoy the announcement trailer:

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Anonymous said...

Looks great! Hope it's great too.

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