29 February 2012

Nightmare Busters

Have a Xbox? A PS3? A Wii?

Well that don't matter. Because Nightmare Busters isn't coming to any of those.

28 February 2012

Unreal Engine 4

It's almost time for another leap forward in the graphics department.

Unreal Engine is seeing another release.

27 February 2012

Amnesia - A Machine for Pigs

Some details about the new Amnesia game.

-As if one wasn't enough-

It will be called "Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs".

24 February 2012

Weekend Videos

Oh oh oh. Lucky that Rage Quit got a new video.

And a retrospective look at Serious Sam:

23 February 2012

Borderlands 2 Launch Date

And a great piece of news emerged yesterday.

Borderlands 2 just got a release date and a trailer to accompany it.

And IGN made us the favor of dissecting the trailer, giving a whole bunch of details:

22 February 2012

Alan Wake Fights Piracy Darkness

For those that say that PC games are doomed to be pirated and that it's a stolen profit zone, Alan Wake just demonstrated that that isn't the case.

21 February 2012

You Play - Cube World

Well not yet.  The game is still in development. But I wanted to talk about it a bit.

So what is Cube World?

Cube World is a voxel-based exploration RPG.

In other words: Minecraft Adventure Game.

17 February 2012

Weekend Videos

Another week, another couple of videos. Today's theme: Skyrim. Again.

And another one:

16 February 2012

BAFTA Award 2012 Nominations

And the nominees are up for the 2012 British Academy Video Games Awards.

List below:

15 February 2012

Skyrim: Sales Results

It has been 3 months since Skyrim was released and it is pretty much public knowledge that the game sold a lot. 

But how much is "a lot"?

14 February 2012

God of War 4 Revealed

Someone gave out a little too much information on Linkedln.

Namely David Thornfield, a character animator that recently updated his curriculum with the following information.


13 February 2012

Black Ops - Best Ending Ever

Cawa Douty Black Ops won a Guiness award.

The Greatest Videogame Ending Award. Let us take a second to remember the amazing story that unravelled before us during the game's ending.

10 February 2012

Weekend Videos

Some Team Fortress 2 for the weekend.

And Assassins Creed:

09 February 2012

Skyrim. How it could be

During a key note at the Dice Summit, Todd Howard, lead game designer for Bethesda, showed a video with the result of the Game Jam 2011.

What is the Game Jam 2011? Basically it was a week after the release of Skyrim, when developers could mess around with the game. See the video below.

07 February 2012

Mass Effect novel

Commenting on Mass Effect's novel, Chris Priestly finally apologized to the fans.

Read it below.

06 February 2012

Red Letter Day

So how was everyone's weekend? Anyone played anything like.... oh I don't know... Half-Life 2?

03 February 2012

Weekend Videos

Where we go. Another weekend and some time to rest.

 And a second one.

See you Monday.

02 February 2012

Zynga responds

Today's topic: Zynga.

And the art of copying other peoples work.

01 February 2012

THQ faces delisting

Funny thing about the stock market. If your stocks are sucking bad they remove you from the market.

And that is what's happening to THQ.