16 May 2012

The end of a cycle

And so the Diablo III cycle ends.

It seems like it was just yesterday that it was released and now Korean players defeated the last boss.

Wait... It was yesterday. WTH? I didn't even bought the game yet.

And it seems that Blizzard really saves the best for last. The loot was... epic.

And by epic I mean non existent since they couldn't get any loot due to, surprise, server problems.

Ah Diablo III. Let us take a moment to remember the game and the many fans it left.
"If you want a watered down, pay2win piece of junk, Diablo 3 is just the ultimate game in this regards. Don't expect to find a game reminiscent of the jewels such as Diablo 1+2 (actually made by different people). Only saving grace is... no wait I can't think of one."
"One of the worst play time to cost ratios. I could have a whole day at a paintball stadium for the money I shelled for this game, which, due to an unstable internet connection, I can't even play smoothly, even though I'm only interested in single player. Good job, Blizzard."
"They've had 10 years to make this game and when the game went live only 600 players were online... Hours later only 1000 players were able to get on! Its been like this the whole entire launch!
If your a true Diablo series fan you'll know its a gothic themed game and it'll break your heart to find out that the act 1 boss is damn fairy queen that looks like the disney villain maleficent"
"It is a very good game, VERY GOOD!!!! It even comes with a challenge, beat the login server, error 37 is the prime evil, if you beat it, all will obey your orders. Now seriously, if you don't mind spending 3 hours to get in, you should totally buy, if not, don't waste your money."

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