05 June 2012

E3 2012 - First day

And here we go. This years E3 is on the way and we got a bunch of stuff to report.

First the meh parts. Stuff like Dead Space 3 having co-op:

Far Cry 3 will also have co-op:

It's like companies don't even try anymore. Co-op? Stop copying! Oh wait that only applies to Nintendo and their Xbox WiiU controller.

We also got to see a bit of "The Last of Us":

And the WiiU gets ZombiU. Wololo ZombiU. Kiddie game right?

Holy crap is that blood? What will my kids play now? Gameboy?

Anyway now for the good stuff. First off there is THQ announcement. THQ took it to the other level and instead of announcing some big game at E3, they didn't had a presence at the Expo and the news wasn't about games. They instead closed the San Diego studio. Unemployment all around!

And to end things we got Usher singing.

Jesus Christ my ears!!!!! (4:00 mark)

Now we wait for Nintendo.

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