23 April 2012

Blizzard - Can we play?

The successful company that is Blizzard. The behemoth of World of WarCrackft. The conductor of hype train Diablo III. The captain of SS Starcraft aka "Holy crap is that a korean?! wololo I'm out *disconnect*".

It's a pretty much all around loved company. Even though people complain of pandas and rainbow colours, they still play their games.

And that includes, of course, Starcraft II. And at the Global Starcraft League Finals Blizzard gave their fans a taste of love.

-It tasted like crap-

Instead of giving players a LAN mode for the game, a stable way to play in these environments, they required constant Internet connection. And went the Internet went *poof* the game went down. No biggie. It's not like the supposed "best player" was about to lose.

Oh nevermind. He was. But thanks Internet. After the incident he got back on his feet and won. Totally fair.

But that wasn't the only incident involving Blizzard and Internet. Oh no no. During this weekend everyone was given access to free cocaine Diablo III beta. And they just rushed the servers like mad.

-Hum... guys!? I think we broke it-

But it's cool. It was just to stress test their hardware. It's not like they wanted everyone to try it out.

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