12 April 2012

Mass Effect 3 - Face Import Fix

EA released a fix for the face import glitch on Mass Effect 3.

Having problems importing your character? Then go ahead and download the fix. Go on. I'll wait.

All done? Sweet. Oh... wait....

I think I missed something.

Oh that's right.

That update is being reported as causing the game to crash upon loading. So no game for you.

At least on the Xbox and PS3.

BioWare responded that it was "aware of issues" and asked for the help from users to fix the problem. 

Users have meanwhile begun making their own fixes for the game: 
  • Loading Mass Effect 3 while disconnected from Xbox Live;
  • Clearing the system's cache;
  • Swapping game disc;
  • Sheer persistence;
Although with no guaranties that it will work. Nice EA.

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