19 December 2011

2011 GOTY - TIME edition

2011 is almost over. Everyone is doing one of those "Game of the Year" list. And I like showing them. Easier than making my own.

So what did TIME choose to make an appearance in the list?

Check them out.

10º Battlefield 3

"If they were Spielberg movies, Modern Warfare 3 would be Indiana Jones and Battlefield 3 would be Saving Private Ryan."

Sword & Sworcery

"Easily the most beautiful mobile game of the year — maybe the most beautiful game of the year, period — Sword & Sworcery (personally, I like to pronounce that extra w) is a slowed-down, chilled-out, highly self-aware D&D-type fantasy adventure set to an ambient track of sublime mellowness."

Dark Souls

"Dark Souls could well be the hardest (and most rewarding) video game you'll ever play... Call it gaming on tenterhooks, an improbably satisfying experience drizzled in dread — a return to form for gamers who relish playing on tightropes, net-free, wrapped in a gorgeous, alien ax-murdering otherworld"


"What's the farmer over there do? Why? What's that strange light in the forest? Want to help someone kick a nasty drug habit? Who's supplying the drugs? Skyrim invites you to find out and to craft your own story on your own terms in a world more breathtakingly realized than any before it."


"The downloadable title evokes the look and play of video-game cartridges from 20 years ago, and that's by design. Its triumph, though, lies in commanding metaphor and nostalgia so powerfully that players of all sorts feel as if they've come of age all over again."

Batman: Arkham City

"We thought 2009's Arkham Asylum was the best Batman video game that could ever be made — it was a moody, assured outing that let players skulk, brawl and detect among the hero's craziest enemies. Amazingly, developer Rocksteady's second effort with the Gotham Guardian tops that game in almost every way... What they've squeezed out ranks among the best Dark Knight material that any medium — film, comic, television — has yet offered."

Uncharted 3

"...a wild-eyed adventure, channeling the Oscar-winning Peter O'Toole epic as well as Raiders of the Lost Ark by way of Romancing the Stone in what amounts to a lovingly crafted action-adventure that rises above all others in its celebration of the interactive cinematic experience."

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

"The top-shelf game mechanics get help from the sharpest Wii motion controls yet and a watercolor aesthetic that makes you feel like you're adventuring through an Impressionist masterpiece. The first-class creators at Nintendo say the Zelda games form a saga that repeats through history. With Skyward Sword, they've crafted a classic that should stand the test of time."

Portal 2

"Portal 2's biggest surprise came from experiencing how developer Valve left the cool, minimalist remove of its predecessor behind for a messier, more emotionally textured path. Where the first Portal delivered an antagonist for the ages in bitchy AI GLaDOS, the follow-up peels back the layers of her computational psyche and shows us how she got that way."


"...the Minecraft universe is so endlessly, pleasurably reconfigurable and customizable that it rewards you for the zillions of hours you sink into it by becoming a reflection of your imagination."

So those were the choices of the major game reviewer that is Time magazine.

What? What do you mean they don't review games?


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BFHead said...

Gz Call of Duty. Oh wait...

Alan said...

Bah. Hate this lists. Can help but feeling some were put together based on the ammount donated to the company that made them.

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