15 December 2011

Half Life 3 Release: Tinfoil Edition

Alright everyone. Put you tinfoil hats on. It's conspiracy time.

- They walk among us -

There have been certain "events" that led some to believe Valve will be saying something about Half Life 3 pretty soon. That or maybe we just have too much time in our hands and see signs everywhere.

It all started with a tshirt...

By itself it doesn't do a good job of proving anything. But it was wore by a Valve Software employee. At least that's what Seattle-based game developer Chandana "Eka" Ekanayake says.

So if an employee is wearing that it must mean something. At least that he likes to troll people.

But that's not all. During the VGA 2011, when a video of Wheatley, on of Portal 2's character, was shown people started dissecting it. Give it a look.

- Slowed down on purpose -

So you’ve got the text reading ‘OBSERVATION SATELLITE “LANTHANUM”‘, the latter word meaning, “to lie hidden”, which in Greek reads:
See that first symbol? Yeap. That little λ is of course, the Half Life series symbol.

The atomic number of Lanthanum is 57.

5 and 7 are the starting and ending dates in July for next years E3. 5 + 7 = 12. 6/5/12 – 6/7/12.

Others are also arguing that the stars in the background form lambdas.  Wheatley also finishes by saying “One, one, one”, which adds up to 3.

And in the background you can see this.

- Ok that one is a bit far fetched -

THEN the awesome place that is 4chan *cough* decided to send an email to Gabe.

Reddit quickly followed.

So when are we seeing the game? Is Valve just trolling everyone?

Stop messing with my head Valve!!!

/tinfoil hat

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