07 December 2011

Serious Troll 3: BFE

The manly game Serious Sam 3 BFE was already a topic here. But now that it's released, people are playing. And people are talking about it. And people are making videos of it. Videos like this one.

Holy crap. Is that a boss? Well... no... Here's what happening.

Pretty much every game today has some sort of anti piracy protection. 

Requiring you to always be online, protected .exe files, serials, online check, whatever. 

Do they work? 

The truth is there always is a workaround to be found. It's always just a matter of time. 
But Croteam takes it to the fun path. 

Introducing Invincible Speedy Red Scorpion (of death). (Steve for his friends)

His mission? Run a loop. 
Are you dead? No? Keep Shooting. Yes? Wait for respawn. Then keep shooting.
So this dude will tear you a new one.

Again. It's not like this won't be solved by nuclear scientists that are the pirates of the internet. 
But at least it's fun and reminds people that pirating games isn't that good. 

- Just a bit -

The game is cheap. The game is violent. And it doesn't have DRM (besides Steam). Give it a shot. 

Buy it.

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LegendPT said...

Yeah I've got Serious Sam 3. Oh look a scorpion. I'll name him Steve. Hi Steve. Wait...wait. No. NO! Bad Steve! BAD STEVE!

The Headcrab said...

Cinnamon! No!

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