17 October 2011

Deus EX Pirates made usefull

It seems the people that pirated Deus EX: Human Revolution, had a bit of a surprise.

Usually the only thing they do is go click on a link for the game/movie/song/anything they want, watch the little bar go up and when it reaches 100% it's time to enjoy the free booty.

 - Yarr those bastards -

But now...

Vigilant Defender played a trick on them. The game had a built in quiz that activated itself after the 3rd Act. The user was then asked about piracy, download sites, DRM systems, etc.

- Oh the irony -

The objective was to know if the "costumers" where interested in paying for the game and how much.

900 thousand people responded to it, meaning 900 thousand downloaded it and 26 thousand responded that they would be interested in buying the game.

New marketing? It sure would be interesting

Source (Portuguese)

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