31 October 2011

Battlefield 3. Is this real life?

The super dupper mega Call of Duty Battlefield 3 came out.

- Always get them mixed up. Can´t imagine why -

And thus begins the battle of "x platform has totally better graphics bro".

Let us see shall we?

But matters like this are trivial. Everyone knows how this comparisons end.

- Who plays PC? I play PC. -

Truth be told: the console version looks really good (besides the fact that you use a control to aim... serioulsy, how is that possible?)

There are parts where I honestly can´t even tell the difference. And thats good, I think.

Xbox360 has motion blur reported missing (See here) but that doesn't stop people from buying the game.

Of course none of this matters when we are posed with the most important question of them all: Battlefield 3 or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3?

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RamirezCOD said...

PS3!!!! YEAH!

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