13 October 2011


Introducing: the Y U NO segment.

So what it the Y U NO segment? Well. I'm just a single headcrab but i also have issues regarding certain aspects. Pretty specific right? Companies that get on my nerves, games that aren´t quite has I was expecting. Anything goes.

But this is not the only segment that will appear here.

Headcrab Plays - What do you mean headcrabs can't play videogames? What? Opposable thumbs? Screw that. I love heads videogames. And i also love playing them.

- Woooosssshhhhh -

So if you ever wondered what a headcrab looks like playing, check it out.

Weekend - Even a headcrab needs to rest. You think it's easy running from a bearded madman that first brings you to it's dimension and then tries to kill you? Well it's not. Plus those crowbars freaking hurt. So I'll share with you a thought, video or image to leave you missing me. What? You won´t miss me? Oh come on. I'm sooo cute.

- Looks legit -

Reviews will also be made, comments, news. The Headcrab has got you covered.

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