13 October 2011

Sony is at it again

Old news but news nonetheless. Sony detected a large number of unauthorized attempts to access user accounts on PSN. 93000 accounts were locked.

- Oh snap i guess? -

So Sony was hacked, accounts stolen and thus PSN was shut down for a month. And now this? I guess the first strike wasn´t enough.

- Oh Sony you...-

It's like the security department decided: "Meh security is overrated. Let's go play GT5 instead.". If that's the job then they could hire me. I can also stay all day long looking at a computer screen and not do a thing.

So we get a major company, with an online service used by 77 million users, that makes sure it has problems with it's service almost as a daily basis. Isn't that like... I don't know... bad for your business?

- Nah it's cool. We got this! -

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