01 February 2012

THQ faces delisting

Funny thing about the stock market. If your stocks are sucking bad they remove you from the market.

And that is what's happening to THQ.

They received a warning that if they can't their stocks up to 1$ for 10 days straight by July they will be delisted.

From the good ages of selling each stock for 30$ a piece to selling them at 0.70$, THQ seems to be having a hard time.

Still, Saints Row: The Third sold 3.8 million copies, which made the current CEO say: "The success of Saints Row: The Third is an example of what our revised strategy and focus can achieve."

They also said they are shifting focus from casual and kid games to more core ones.

All I can say is that they should make this the theme music at the office until they get this problem sorted out.

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