28 February 2012

Unreal Engine 4

It's almost time for another leap forward in the graphics department.

Unreal Engine is seeing another release.

Epic Games has confirmed that it will show the Engine during this year's GDC. And that's just next week!

-Oh goody goody-

The problem is since it will be shown "on systems I can't talk about by name", "non-disclosure agreements are required to see the Unreal Engine 4 presentation."

So no pics, no videos, no nothing.

 -Dammit! Why?!?

But my gut tells me it's going to be great. And they I'll remember they'll dumb it down for console use.

Here's hoping for info about the engine at E3. Maybe there we'll see the engine in all it's magnificence and also some info on the new consoles that will run it.

Check out the videos below for the unreal engine evolution.

 -Unreal Engine 1/2-

  -Unreal Engine 3-

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