27 February 2012

Amnesia - A Machine for Pigs

Some details about the new Amnesia game.

-As if one wasn't enough-

It will be called "Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs".

-10 bucks say that will happen in game-

In an interview the writer, Dan Pinchbeck said: "It's not a direct sequel, in terms of it doesn't follow on from the story of Amnesia. It doesn't involve the same characters". It will be set in the same "alternate history and set in the same universe."

Anyone knows who mister Dan is?


I'll give you a hint.

He is related to this game.

That's right. Thechineseroom is teaming up with Frictional Games to create the ultimate brick-in-pants experience.

So just imagine Amnesia with the HPL2 engine.

The game is expected to launch before Halloween of 2012.

Sweet dreams.

(Source and concept art)

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