29 February 2012

Nightmare Busters

Have a Xbox? A PS3? A Wii?

Well that don't matter. Because Nightmare Busters isn't coming to any of those.

Want to play it? Have a SNES?

-Good news everyone!-

That's right. After 14 years, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System is seeing another game release. Last time it saw a game it was a Frogger remake.

The studio behind the game is "Super Fighter Team" and they say that they want to, and quoting, "proudly offer up what may one day be the world's only source of worthwhile new games for systems such as the Sega Genesis and Atari Lynx."

Sweet! My grandpa will love this.

Oh. Are you also interested in the game? Well.

USD$68.00 for customers within the USA.
USD$75.00 for customers outside of the USA. 

Yeah..... ಠ_ಠ no thanks.

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