01 November 2011

You play - Alley Cat

Today I'm bringing everyone what I remember as the first game I ever played.

- Alley Cat -

Released for the PC in 1984, Alley Cat puts you in control of Freddy the Cat, an alley cat whose objective is to perform certain tasks within the homes of people in order to reach to his love Felicia
Each room contains one of several challenges:
  • In one room there's a table with a birdcage on it in the middle of the room. As a cat, of course, you want to nom nom that bastard. So you do what cats do. Knock that birdcage off the table and get the bird.
  • In another room, there's a fishbowl which the cat can enter and, of course, eat all of the fish while dodging electric eels and repeatedly coming up for air to avoid drowning (cats don't like water remember)
  • Yet another room contains a huge chunk of cheese with a number of holes. In each hole mice appear randomly, which the cat must catch. I guess Freddy is a pretty hungry cat.
  • The cat may also find itself in a room with a number of sleeping dogs, some of which have feeding dishes in front of them. The cat must empty each dish without waking up any of the dogs.
  • In another challenge, the cat must collect three ferns from the top of a bookshelf while avoiding a disproportionately large spider that may lower itself upon the cat from above.
Check out the game. You can get it at Abandonia.

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