09 November 2011

1.1 11-11-11 !!!111!!!oneoneoneeleven

11-11-11 is going to be a big day.

 - Man I can't wait -

But something else is coming out. 

Skyrim. And the producers aren't happy with the amount of "1"'s that are related with the game release.

So they announced a patch to be release on day 1 of the game. That will make the version 1.1.

Meaning that on 11-11-11 the 1st day of the game it will go from version 1 to version 1.1. 

Tl;dr: 11-11-11, 1st 1-1.1.

 - ONEEEEE ! -

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pownyhof said...

haha nice, really laughed at your last sentence, +1 =)

Petar said...

i'm waiting for this one :D

Steve said...

OMG Jack and Jill!!! I'm going to watch it WHILE I play Skyrim. And i bet I'm not going to be the only 1. badum tsch

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