23 November 2011

Game Group shares plummet

The experts of "Sure we'll buy your game. Here's 5 bucks" and then resell the game for 45$ saw their share fall 57%.

On November 16 the company announced that instead of full-year revenue being between flat and three per cent down from last year, it expected it to fall by at least seven per cent. 

- I'm sure the results were that good.... yeah.... -

On the day Game announced the lowered forecasts, its share price fell from 15.75p to 10.25p, a drop of 35% in a single day. It has continued to fall every day since, and at the close of trading last night its share price stood at just 6.66p.

In five days of trading since the announcement, its stock dropped 57.7%.

They almost hit the mark right?

What's the point in these stores anyway? You can get all the games you need from Amazon or Steam. And all the used games they sell give them a butt-load of money and none to the developers.

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Haze said...

Serves them right for selling used games so damn expensive

Biodome said...

Poor Game =(

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