02 November 2011

The Headcrab Reviews: Battlefield 3 (Singleplayer)

So I've finally completed Battlefield 3 campaign, and am now ready to review. Despite the bugs, bland story and overall been there done that feeling, I bravely ventured into the game, and now will share my thoughts with everyone.

But be warned: This review will most likely change your whole life. Forget everything you've learned and get ready to get you socks knocked off. And I don't mean in a "wow that was pretty true". No no no no no.

I mean in a "holy crap my whole life is now turned upside down". You children will feel the ripple effects of this review. Your grandchildren will feel it. Your great grandchildren will probably miss it but your great great grandchildren will be all like "Jesus Christ my mind is blown".

- Holy crap this is so hardcore -

So are you ready? Are you ready to hear what is my opinion on one of this years Game of the Year contender? Are you ready to know how this ultra modern with state of the art graphics and snizzle fares in this modern world?

So here we go. Read on and find the truth... if you dare.

- Pretty much...meh... -

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