17 November 2011

Nintendo Y U NO make Mario Party Deluxe

Anyone that hosted a party and had a Nintendo console to help entertain the guest certainly knows about Mario Party.

- Just look at them eager to beat each other up to earn coins and stars -

Released first in the Nintendo 64 and making its way all to the Wii, the game is known for its party game elements, including the often-unpredictable multiplayer modes that allow play with up to four (and sometimes eight) human players. Imagine playing Monopoly with your friends but between turns you go outside to skateboard between flaming pillars of death and jumping rivers just to see who got extra paper money in the next round.

- Not as friendly as you imagine -

The game had 8 main sequels (Mario Party to Mario Party 8) and was also release to Nintendo’s portable consoles. 

 - Yes. Those many. -

So it’s a pretty famous game. But of course all of them are different. Different boards. Different minigames.

So why not make one that has ALL of the boards and minigames bunched up together?

Sure you could buy a Gamecube. But then you could only play 4 of them.

Oh I know! How about a Wii? Well. Then you could only play 6 of them. 
And that’s switching controllers every time you switch from Gamecube to Wii. “Ah but you forget about Virtual Console”. Nope. Virtual Console only has Mario Party 2.

And if you buy a Wii U you’ll lose the option of playing Gamecube games so it takes you back to only 2 games. 

- What a mess -

Why not make the game available with DLC? Why the constant releases that add minigames and boards and not a DLC to let you play the same game with the new stuff?

So Nintendo please do the right thing. Make a Mario Party for the Wii U that includes all the games, or at least make it an option to buy it in the form of DLC.

To make it simple: Nintendo Y U NO make Mario Party Collection?

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Many great Times were added to me while playing this game so i suport you mighty headcrab !!!

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