24 November 2011

Good news everyone

Gamestop will stop selling used games. At least in Canada.

- WWWoooooooooo -

Wait. What's that?

What they are stopping is the distinction between "new" and "used" games (at least in Canada)?

According to some employees  all games will be lumped into the one section, and all games will be stickered with the same white price tags (pre-owned games previously had their own distinctive yellow stickers in Canada, something I understand US stores did away with a while back).

A supposed employee says: "I can confirm this 100% we were given instructions last week to start this. We were told that we were to merge all used games with the new games and have them sectioned off by one of four specific genres they gave us. They told us that the new copy must be on the very bottom of the pile and the used ones stacked on top and that we were to change
all price stickers to the white ones. They also instructed us to discard all materials advertising used games. Now the stickers do have the words NEW or USED on them but no one looks at that."

Nothing confirmed but at least that's what the rumors say.

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