04 January 2012

1 million playing Super Meat Boy

 Taken from the Official Twitter account.

Team Meat
Fun Fact: Super Meat Boy past the million sales mark last month! PLATINUM BABY
I'm sorry what? Did you say 1 million people play this game?
What's wrong with it? Well the game is freaking hard!

-Rage much-

True that I also bought it. But to play this game you need to have a dash of crazy and masochist.

But also true is that the game is really, really, really good. According to Metacrit it has 90/100. So 1 million is not that much. 
Seriously. It is a solid platformer with great controls and if you can get past the dificulty, that honestly is part of the charm, you can really enjoy it. If you haven't bought the game...

And congratulations to those behind the game. Keep up the good work.

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TheGreen said...

Gz. And thanks a lot for the WInter Steam Achievment -.-

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