26 January 2012

Xbox 720

Some rumors concerning the new Xbox are surfacing. And I'm here to look at them.

So let's get started.
First off, rumor has it that it will ditch the DVD and go for Bluray.

That, of course, makes a lot of sense. Currently, HD games take a lot of space. Space that the DVD just can't handle. 

But the Bluray is property of Sony. So is Microsoft willing to pay in order to use it?
There is another rumor that it will use an improved version of the Kinect. This one with on-board processor, so that it can detect user motion more clearly.

-Ah.... Kinect-

And finally. The one that talks about the inside of the machine. The graphics.

Reports state that the new Xbox will be SIX times more powerful than the current one.

It will be using AMD's 6000 series. Basically a Radeon HD 6670.

-Wow wow wow. Easy there hot shot-

...So I guess it will run like last years computers?

Anyways. These are just rumors so there is nothing written in stone for now.

I wonder if we will see anything on this years E3.

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Polintar said...

Nice. Adding bluray and making it more powerfull. I bet the final name will be Playstation 3

The Headcrab said...

@Polintar Oh snap!

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