23 January 2012

Project Titan - Brought to you by McDonalds

There is a job opening for Blizzard that asks for a Franchise Development Producer.

They ask for normal stuff like "Be the key liaison between the development team and other functional teams within Blizzard Entertainment (e.g. creative development, licensing, marketing, legal) to create brand-extending merchandise for the next-gen MMO franchise..."

Nothing big. But it gets better.

"Work with major consumer brands to facilitate product placement and licensing within the world of Blizzard Entertainment's next-gen MMO that enhances the gameplay experience."

How does that work?

"Hold up, I'm healing."
*Drinks Coca-Cola of Healing*
*Heals 20Hp and gains Crave for a Big Mac Debuff*

Or maybe we will get awesome gear like Nike Shoes of Running Urgency?

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