17 January 2012

Ubisoft and PC gaming Part Infinity

Ubisoft is clearly on a roll here.

First they called PC gamers pirates. Then they took it back.

And now they come up with a brilliant retarded scheme.

Ubisoft isn't just limiting the number of times you can activate a game based on the machine you are playing. They are limiting it based on the number of times you switch your GPU.

Guru3D was trying to run some benchmarking tests on the game, across three of their machines.

Knowing the game had only three chances to activate the games (almost a game within a game), they kept it to a trio of boxes.

But then....  then switched cards.

And the game stopped working.

And refused to activate.

But no worries. Ubisoft had them covered. As soon as they contacted them they promptly ignored them as good company standards require.

Buy the DRM and get a free game everyone!


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