09 January 2012

Gabe Newell gets it

Most of you know Gabe. Those that don't shouldn't be breathing by now.

-Memorize this face. It's the face of awesome-

Basically all of the Internet loves this dude. And recently he gave them one more reason to do so.
When asked to provide one piece of advice for the next generation of game developers he said:

“Do not focus on anyone but your customers. Your reputation will follow you forever so always be fair to your customers, and certainly one thing you need to always remember is that your customers are not going to be fooled. Some people think they can get away with something and just hope people won’t see through the bullshit. The Internet is way smarter than any of us. In terms of business, do not take out huge advances to fund projects, because they are only loans, and have strings attached."

This is why Valve is successful.

Some producers, just want to make a quick buck and don't care about the long term ramifications.

That and call people pirates. Harsh.

While Valve will go on, making an insane amount of profit over a long time. Because they care.

So Gabe.

Live long my gorgeous bastard. And give me my Half Life 3.

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TheGreen said...

Man working for Gabe must be so awesome. The man is freaking awesome.

Hannah said...

And still it was Steve Jobs who won that most influential crap award. All is wrong in the world

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