11 January 2012

Ubisoft has Alzheimer

Ubisoft just can't seem to make up it's mind. They announced a PC version of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

Let's take a second to go back in time. Specifically HERE.

Read it? All of it?

Yeap. They went back on their word.
First they said: "Screw those pirates. They ain't seeing our game."


"Yeah we are totally releasing it for the PC. No no. We are confident that it will sell good enough on the consoles. It's just that we are nice."

Andrew Lacey said: “Ubisoft prides itself on creating some of the most compelling and innovative experiences in digital entertainment. Today we are feature complete in our MP, Single player and 4 player coop campaign modes. We have taken the decision to move the date in order to ensure that all these ingredients are pushed to the highest level and provide a truly unique shooter experience. The Ghost Recon franchise is known for setting the standard of high definition gaming and we believe the extra couple of months will allow us to reach that goal. We would like to thank all Ghost Recon fans for their patience and look forward to unveiling some exciting new elements in the coming weeks.”

And thus we win another awesome console port. Pirates rejoice.

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Anonymous said...

Screw them and their stupid DRM. Call me a pirate? I'll take my gold doubloons somewhere else.

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