05 January 2012

Star Wars: The Dance Republic

Picture this. You are fighting a mob and your healer dies or the boss turns out to be too much for you. What do you do?

1 - Run!
2 - Ask for help and pray a fellow gamer comes around and help.
3 - Surrender and wait for the inevitable death.
4- Use you mad dance skills to hypnotize the mob.

Well. Common gaming sense dictates that you of course break it down.

Of course I don't advise doing it because God knows how the mods will react. But I can't help but giggle every time I imagine a mighty Jedi looking at a mob and do something like this.

-Click for full size-

Anyway. In before mods decide to use their feet to ban people and just go loose.


So kick off your sunday shoes.

3 comentários:

Steve said...

I've heard they were banning people for this.

The Headcrab said...

Nah. That was fake. The whole "dance only in the designated dance area" was just a troll post. This will be fixed but no one is getting banned.

Anonymous said...

Lolololololol. Hammer time xD

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